There are a lot of different takes on this question! One of the most common "myths" (frequently perpetuated online) is that "therapy focuses on the past and coaching focuses on the future," but that's simply not true. Coaching is always about the future, but only some methods of therapy focus on the past... some methods of therapy are now- or future-oriented, too! The truth is, the skills required to be a great therapist and a great coach are essentially the same, and that's why this question can be so hard to answer sometimes. But, to simplify, here's what it really comes down to: 

Basically, therapy is a medical service that treats a mental disorder or condition. To get "therapy," especially if you are wanting to use your health insurance benefits to pay for the therapy, you have to meet the criteria for some sort of mental, emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorder. Essentially, you have to be "sick" according to specific criteria, and therapy is the treatment for the "sickness," with the same perspective that the medical field takes on treating physical illness. Now, sometimes people can choose to attend therapy even if they don't have a mental health condition, just like sometimes people can choose to have cosmetic surgery even if they don't have a medical condition, but insurance generally refuses to pay for "elective" therapy just like they generally refuse to pay for "elective" surgery.

By contrast, coaching is for anyone who wants to improve:

Since THRIVAPY only offers coaching services at this time, we will only ask about your personal history or conditions if it is relevant to your coaching goal. We do not evaluate, assess, or diagnose coaching clients with any mental, emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorders. Coaching is not a medical service and is not intended to treat any medical conditions, even if some of the goals of coaching are related to the symptoms of a disorder or condition (for example, executive function coaching for attention-regulation disorders).


Essentially, coaching sessions are an emotionally safe conversation with someone who has cultivated an expertise in how to thrive! At THRIVAPY, we want clients to feel like they have plenty of time to explore their concerns and goals during our sessions, so we use a variety of forms and questionnaires to gather information before our introductory session and capture feedback after each session. Introductory sessions typically last about one hour for an individual and 90 minutes for relationships (couples or more). Follow-up sessions are typically 45 minutes to an hour, though longer sessions are available on request. "Maintenance" sessions are brief check-ins as clients prepare to graduate, to ensure positive changes are being maintained as you transition out of services. All sessions are scheduled according to your needs!

Sometimes sessions are talk-heavy, and sometimes clients need an opportunity to try out new skills (like meditation, yoga, or expressive arts) so we practice some "hands-on activities" together! Sessions can be held on a secure videoconferencing platform (Google Meet), or by telephone if you can't/prefer not to use video. If you need to move while you talk, we can connect by telephone so you can walk, craft, journal, or clean during our session (as long as you still have privacy). We are very flexible and want to make sure that sessions feel comfortable and productive for you, so feel free to ask for whatever you need!


Plan to be somewhere quiet and alone, and we recommend using a headset with a microphone. If possible, make arrangements for childcare, or at least distract the kids with an activity in another room. Feel free to bring comfort objects or something to do with your hands, if those things are helpful for you... some suggestions: coloring books, fidgets, crochet or knitting projects, sticks for whittling, Rubik's cubes, a small journal to take notes, or a worry stone. Don't forget cozy blankets, a warm beverage, or a favorite pet!


To accommodate your work schedule, we offer daytime and evening appointments TUESDAY through FRIDAY each week. 


That's up to you! The mental health and wellness industry generally recommends clients consider the first few sessions with any therapist or coach to be a "trial period" (for completing assessments, establishing goals, and exploring the working relationship), but if it's not "clicking" by the third session it might be time to move on. However, sometimes people "just know" right away, and we always honor this wisdom because it is most important that you feel like the relationship is a good fit. Our job is to help you, even if that means referring you to someone who is a better fit for your needs, so we always welcome your feedback! (We promise, this is a totally normal request!)

After that settling-in phase, some clients might feel like 4-12 (weekly or every other week) sessions are enough to address temporary or fairly straightforward concerns, while other clients may just prefer to have some ongoing, long-term support. We want you to do what works for you! At THRIVAPY, we never ask clients to buy any subscriptions or prepaid packages, because we only want you to work with us for as long and as often as it's right for you. If we feel like our work has stalled and is no longer benefitting you, we may even recommend a transfer for a fresh set of skills or perspective! -- but that is always a collaborative decision made with you. You are always the best judge of how you are doing, what you need, and how long our work is helpful to you, so you are empowered to make this choice for yourself. 


All services: We do not provide any services while clients are known to be under the influence of drugs/alcohol or operating a vehicle. We do not provide divorce mediation services, custody or forensic evaluations, or court-ordered treatment of any kind. We do not make medical recommendations; clients are always advised to consult their medical provider with questions or concerns regarding medications or health conditions. Audio or video recording is strictly prohibited without written consent from all parties in advance.

Clinical therapy services: Due to a pending change in location, THRIVAPY does not currently offer clinical psychotherapy services. This site will be updated when clinical psychotherapy services resume.

Coaching services: We do not evaluate, diagnose, or treat any specific physical, mental, or emotional condition or disorder. We cannot provide medical documentation for clients of coaching services. Coaching is not a substitute for medical or mental health treatment. Although your coach may hold a mental health license, they are not practicing as a mental health provider within the context of the coaching relationship. 



This is a 90-minute virtual support group that meets weekly for three months with a focus on developing sustainable self-care habits in alignment with the changing seasons. We limit this group to 9 participants to ensure there is enough space for everyone to participate in both the live meetings and the monitored private group chat. Due to our strict "no sales pitch" policy, please ask about availability during a session or send an email to inquire if you are interested in joining this group.



We're so glad you asked! Here at THRIVAPY, we hate sales pitches and think it's unethical to obscure costs. Plus, we believe our work speaks for itself! To reflect our years of study and practice, we charge a simple flat rate for all services, based on the number of people involved and the length of the session. So here are our fees, in full and up front:


introductory session: $225 (60min)
follow-up session: $175 (45min)
maintenance session: $100 (20min)


introductory session: $350 (90min)
follow-up session: $250 (60min)
maintenance session: $125 (30min)


self-care group: $75 weekly
late cancellation fee: $75
no-show fee: full charge

We require a payment method kept on file and all fees must be paid before start of session. Fees for introductory sessions include the cost of any applicable assessments. Late cancellation fee applies to cancellations with less than 24h notice. No-show fee applies to cancellations with less than 4h notice. These fees may be waived if documentation for a medical or other emergency is provided. If your attendance is regularly impacted by chronic pain or illness, please let us know -- we are happy to work out an individualized plan to accommodate your needs.


At this time, we do not accept insurance as we are not currently offering clinical psychotherapy services.


YES! We have a Pay It Forward equity fund, which can cover up to 50% of sessions if you make less than $100,000 as a single person or $150,000 as a family of two or more. However, funds are limited and subject to availability. If you would like to apply for PI4W equity funds, please send an email to the PI4W team and we will send you a link to the application.

Many of our clients choose to donate an extra $5, $10, or $20 towards the fund - some give every week and some give when they can. You may opt-in for a contribution when making your usual payment. For large donations, please get in touch with us first. Thank you for giving somebody else a chance to THRIVE!